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About Us is a one-stop resource base for anyone who's struggling to pay their housing bills. We provide low to middle-income Americans with practical, accessible information that cuts through the complexity and confusion that surrounds many affordable housing issues. If you need to know more about government assistance programs, closing a sale without excessive risk or expense, or anything in between, we're here to help.

Acceptable housing is often hard to find and harder to afford, and many Americans spend so much on housing that they can barely afford other necessities. Federal, state and local governments recognize these problems and offer numerous assistance programs designed to help low to moderate-income Americans with their housing woes. These programs often fail to reach needy individuals, most frequently because qualified individuals don't know they are qualified.

That knowledge gap extends beyond government programs. Real estate professionals and higher-income families that can afford professional advice often walk away with better deals than the people who need help, simply because they have access to current information. Today's housing market is a complicated place, whether you're buying or renting, and government assistance programs are often difficult to understand and use.

We're trying to help close that knowledge gap by offering a range of practical resources that provide simple, useful explanations of key housing issues. If you find these articles useful, please tell others. If there's something we're not doing right, or could do better, please tell us!

We must be clear that we have no connection to, or endorsement from, any official body. We are not a housing agency, and we cannot help you with applications for assistance, loans, or anything else. We exist purely to provide information; for actual assistance, you will have to contact the concerned institutions or agencies directly.

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